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"It’s yuge! It’s bigly! It’s covfefe! It’s The 1st Annual Trump Family Special and it’s ready to make live theater great again. After all, can anyone resist a satirical cabaret shaped by the latest Twitter feed of our current miscreant in chief? Or an insane production that’s as queer as Mike Pence?"- The Advocate


"The 1st Annual Trump Family Special, a cabaret that opened this month at the Triad Theater in New York City, expertly nails the way many people see the Trump clan: as bumbling, oafish, closeted, politically incorrect cartoon characters..." The Week

"A witty and fun night out" - Times Square Chronicles

"If you're in the Big Apple, drop by the Triad Theater for the opening night of "The First Annual Trump Family Special." - CNN - 5 

"The songs run the gamut, fresh and surprising...Melania is not trapped in a tower; the boys are venal, even if Don Jr. cannot read; and a whole number floats Ivanka’s lack of a soul. " - The Washington Post 

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